- B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy.
- Marketing diploma from the British Institute of Marketing, London, UK.


Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Catalan.


Early years
At the age of 19, after finishing high school with a diploma in Accounting, Pecce started his career as a salesman with Olivetti in Ferrara, Italy. At 21, Pecce moved to Milan. He spent several years in Sales & Marketing, and then he set up and developed his own business as a sales agent until January 1968.
Creation of Computex
In January 1968, at the age of 28, he created a computer training company that used a new method of teaching. A Swiss company invested the capital and Pecce, as general manager, held a 50% shareholding.
Creation of Wall Street Institute International
Pecce sold Computex in June 1972. In September 1972 he set up Wall Street Institute (English-language training) in Milan, which used the same pioneering teaching methodology he had developed in Computex.
Sale of Wall Street Institute to Sylvan Learning Systems
In January 1997, Pecce sold Wall Street Institute International to Sylvan Learning Systems, Baltimore, USA. In January 2005, Sylvan Learning Systems sold it on to the Carlyle Group.
Foundation of Wall Street English China
In 1999 he started to develop the Wall Street Institute brand in China, setting up the first English training center in the World Trade Center Beijing, in May 2000.
Acquisition of Wall Street English China by Wall Street Institute International
In July 2006, Wall Street Institute International (Carlyle Group) acquired Wall Street English China. Pecce was appointed Honorary President of Wall Street English China, Chairman Emeritus and Member of the Board of Directors of Wall Street Institute International.
Laureate Universities
Senior Advisor to Laureate Universities for China Operations.
Acquisition of Wall Street English China by Pearson
In April 2009, Pearson acquired Wall Street English China from Carlyle Group. In August 2010, Wall Street Institute International was acquired by Pearson. As of August 2011, Wall Street Institute has 400 centers in 28 countries and has trained over 2 million students in its 39 years of history. Wall Street English China has 50 centers in 7 cities with over 200,000 students trained.
Senior Advisor to WorldStrides for China Operations.
Pecce is appointed Guest Professor by the Shanghai International Studies University and by the Hunan International Studies University, and Adjunct Professor by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
In March Peking University Press published Pecce's book in Chinese "Winning heart – Dialogues on success and happiness". In December 2016 it was published in English on Amazon.
At present
At present
Pecce is the Honorary President of Wall Street English. He gives seminars and conferences in China and Europe to university students, managers and entrepreneurs. He is Guest Professor at the Beijing Normal University and at the Shanghai Tongji University, and Honorary Lecturer at Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College. He is also preparing the launch of a start-up in the healthy food industry in China and writing two books.

A foretaste of

A foretaste of Pecce in action. If you would like to get in touch with Pecce click here.